Breaching All Boundaries – India Real Estate By 2020

Despite the continuing turbulence and uncertainty in other parts of the globe, two economies – India and China – will continue to grow at an annual rate of 8-10%. In fact, by 2020 India will become the 3rd largest economy after China and the US.

What will give India’s economy such an edge over the next decade? Actually, it enjoys many advantages that encompass an ever-increasing per capita income and a concurrent domestic consumption pace, which nevertheless leave in their wake a substantial rate of annual savings. Moreover, India’s infrastructure investments will have increased massively by 2020, significantly enhancing its attractiveness for investment.

The implications of such growth potential on the Indian real estate industry are fairly obvious. There is, beyond any doubt, a staggering opportunity in the Indian property sector over the next decade. The writing is on the wall even now – consider the fact that the value of investment-grade real estate under construction in the country crossed $100 billion at the end of June, 2010. Only China can compare with India on this count.

Another chapter in India’s rapidly developing success story is the IT sector, which has been a major driver of the country’s economic growth over the past few years. By 2020, the current size of the IT / ITeS market in India will have grown from the current $67 billion to $225 billion. Simultaneously, the markets for hardware and electronics will increase from the existing $45 billion to $400 billion. In fact, domestic banks will have to scale up their asset sizes five times over next 5 years in order to cope with this increasing demand.

This trend will reflect very visibly on the Indian office real estate market, which is already on an encouraging upswing. Demand for commercial properties in India has already doubled from a low of 20 million square feet to 40 million in 2011, and is going to increase to 45 million square feet by 2012. 2011 is, by any yardstick, the best year ever for India in terms of commercial space, and the trends that are now driving it will multiply exponentially by 2020.

At the same time, the Indian retail market will once more emerge as a major force driving Indian real estate. This market, which is now valued at $500 billion, will rise to a value of $900 billion by 2020. Organised retail, which currently accounts for only 5% of the total market, is increasing by 15% every year. It will move from its current value of $25 billion to $250 billion by 2020.

This rate of growth is going to translate into massive additional requirements for retail space over the coming years. Demand for retail real estate rose from 4 million square feet in 2010 to 11 million square feet in 2011. If we factor in the spiraling aspirations of Indian shoppers, the constant development of new residential catchments, townships and satellite cities, the real estate demand from Indian retail by 2020 can well be imagined.

Demand for additional residential real estate, which is the traditional mainstay of the Indian property market, is going to go through the stratosphere over the coming years. Even now, the Ministry of Housing estimates that we will be looking at a shortfall of 26 million residential units by 2012. This deficit will only increase with the country’s current rate of population growth, which is further bulwarked by the increased lifespan brought on by improved medical care in the country. It is anticipated that India will add another 215 million people to its cities by 2025.

Nor will the hospitality sector lag behind. In terms of business in almost every sector, India now enjoys an unshakable reputation as investment destination par excellence. The country’s rising GDP and increased pace of global business alliances are the primary market drivers in the hospitality sector. Thanks to promotional exercises such as the Incredible India campaign, India also features high on the global leisure traveler’s priority list. The upshot is that the travel and tourism market in India is expected to grow from the $144 billion it was valued at in 2010 to $431 billion by 2020. In the next four years alone, the branded hotel industry is going to witness an addition of 60426 rooms.

Indian real estate will also see massive demand contributions on the industrial front. The country’s industrial growth is geared to quadruple in scope and reach a value of $225 billion by 2020. Interestingly, organized warehousing alone will constitute 20% of the overall sector by 2015.

Finally, two sectors that did not figure on anyone’s radar just a few years ago are now going to account for unprecedented real estate demand over the next decade:

The first is the education industry, which is very likely to cross $70 billion in value by 2015. The coming four years will see an addition of about 16 million square feet. The second is the Indian healthcare sector, which has been growing in leaps and bounds (not least of all boosted by the medical tourism industry which brings over 100,000 foreign patients to Indian shores each year).

The resulting demand for excellent medical facilities has been a significant component to the growth of healthcare in India. Overall, this sector is expected to grow in value from the current $144 billion $280 billion by 2020. Over 150 hospitals are scheduled to open their doors over the next four years alone, and this will by itself account for approximately 22.5 million square feet of healthcare-related real estate.

Smart City Thane 2017 and Growth plan

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"Initial preparations for the Smart City project is almost over and the next step towards its implementation is the creation of SPV. Work on the project is on the fast track," Jaiswal told PTI on the sidelines of a cleanliness drive held in the city yeaterday.

Thane has proposed a Rs 6,630 crore plan under Smart City and AMRUT missions. Of this, the civic body has funded Rs 4,375 crore.

"The implementation of the mission at the city level will be done through the SPV. It will plan, appraise, approve, release funds, implement, manage, operate, monitor and evaluate the project," he said.

According to Jaiswal, each smart city will have a SPV which will be headed by a full time CEO and have nominees of central government, state government and urban local bodies (ULB) on its board.

Real Estate Scenario In Thane

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Real Estate Scenario in Thane

Thane is one of the most preferred destinations for investment in property market due to increasing real estate developments. This place offers you the best of residential and commercial properties, which are known for their well-organized infrastructure and other basic amenities. The property market in Thane is growing at an accelerated pace with tremendous opportunities for investment. The recent developments in this region has attracted the investors to invest a huge amount of money and witnessing lucrative returns. The swift real estate developments of has increased the rates of properties in the city. Further, with buying and selling of the property in this region has led to a boom in the real estate domain.

The city is witnessing developments in residential spaces, commercial complexes, multiplexes, malls, etc. and this has great impact on the real estate market in Thane. Thane is equipped with best transportation facilities and that is well –connected to other surrounding areas. Furthermore, the improved basic amenities such as water and electricity supply have added to the market of Thane Properties.

Why Choose Thane?

  • Well - developed infrastructure
  • Pleasant climatic conditions
  • Good living and working ambience
  • Well - constructed malls, complexes, shops, theaters, etc.
  • Known for reputed educational institutes, healthcare centers, etc.
  • Provides better transportation and excellent connectivity to the main city Mumbai.

Buying and rental of residential as well as commercial property at affordable prices, have attracted various investors. So, come to Shri Sai Property Consultant ( as we are one of the reliable realtors in Thane offering the clients with some of the best properties with superb locations at pocket friendly rates.

Why Invest In India

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Why Invest in India?

With a culture older than recorded history & the guided by the vision of a prosperous future, India is a truly an enchanted land of plenty.

As an Indian living abroad, the option of investing back home is more than about investment, but the promise of settling down next to near & dear ones. Investing in India has never looked better than it does now. With exceptional infrastructure & quality of life that can rival any in the developed world, Indian cities have finally come of age. The Mumbai region comprising Mumbai Metro & its satellite cities – Thane & New Mumbai, is truly a reflection of the unique blend of the ancient & modern that is India. The region has become the nerve center of the country & the chosen destination of those wishing to invest in an Indian future.

From the multitude of malls, arcades & plush residential complexes to the luscious greenery & spacious roads linking them, the lifestyle of these townships is truly a world-class one. Advanced construction methods & refined aesthetics are the hallmarks of every building, residential or commercial that springs up in this region. Uninterrupted power supply, club houses, community and health centers, swimming pools, and & multitude of other services all go into enhancing the quality of life of the population.

Property Investment in India, especially Thane, is today more than just a lifestyle choice; it’s the acquisition of a status symbol.

To create lasting wealth for the future, it is imperative to start with a can-do attitude. If you believe you can, you will put the effort and time into creating lasting wealth that will ensure that you actually do so.

"Home is where the heart is" - may have been true earlier but in the present age, it may rightly be said, "Home is where the cash flow is." Property investment in India has acquired an entirely new purpose in today's era. Investing in property, one can safely expect immediate and lucrative returns. According to a U.N. report, the Indian property market is on a roll.

Property in India is termed as the "next big thing" amongst seasoned international property investors. With the recent liberalization of property ownership laws, Indian property offers a winning blend of fantastic environment and great investment returns. The real estate sector in India has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.

Indian properties have performed well recently and the expectation is that this is just the start of Indian property rush. Indian real estate sector is booming. The returns at 10 to 13 percent per annum are almost 50 percent higher than those in the US and Europe and the current demand far outstrips availability in several metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. In fact Thane, Bangalore, Pune and Goa are also coming up as very attractive investment destinations.

As the real estate prices are touching the rooftop and costs of flats have gone up to Rs.50, 000 and Rs.70, 000 per square foot in Mumbai and Rs.1 lakh per square yard in Thane, the question arises whether there is a bubble building in the Indian property market. According to a U.N. report, even though the collapse of the speculative property market could be more devastating than a stock market crash, there is no bubble as yet in the Asia Pacific region.

The real estate prices, along with the runaway rise in the prices of gold and the stock market has somewhat made investors nervous. According to a real estate agent Mumbai, when a flat in Mumbai fetches a better price than a similar flat in New York, certain questions arise about sustaining the trend. It is also said that with the property prices softening in developed countries, investors are likely to look for profitable avenues in the Asia Pacific region.

In principle, there is nothing wrong in borrowing to buy real estate for investment rather than for owner occupation. The action can be regarded as rational profit-seeking behaviour as long as borrowers are able to sell at a profit. However, the buying becomes speculative when people begin to borrow, to buy, regardless of price or of their ability to service the debt, in the expectation of selling at an even higher price. Since prices cannot rise forever, some speculative buyers will inevitably take a loss. Losses on assets purchased with debt generate systemic risk that might affect the health of the financial system, and that is why real estate bubbles or potential bubbles have policy implications for Government and Central banks.

Property investment for beginners entails doing some research into the great world of real estate.

In order to know the best techniques for making property investments, you want to have a good understanding of the real estate market and know what constitutes a good property investment.

For example, one rule of property investment for beginning real estate moguls to be aware of is to start with buying property in your area. This allows you to see with your own eyes what property you are buying and to keep up with any maintenance. You can also keep a closer eye on the property management this way.

Property investing for beginners also entails learning good communication skills. You will be working with people from all walks of life, and you need to be able to both speak to them in their own language and establish a rapport with them that will allow you to negotiate.

This is especially true if you're dealing with owners and buyers directly. The better the rapport, the smoother any negotiations in the process will be likely to go.

Perhaps the most common property investment for beginning real estate investors is to purchase their own home. This allows you to see and work through the property investment process and make a worthwhile property investment right from the beginning.

By working with a professional property investor and getting the proper credentials, you'll be in a much better position to buy and sell property.


Investor Advice

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 Time has come for good investor as you get good price from the builder but not as an individual as builder will never try to give his best rates. We would advice all the buyer take the advantage of services we not advice you but also give range according to your budget and we also see that you get proper rates from builder as we all know when you become part of our team you get better rates and also we try to see that your loan get cleared faster as we have relation with major financial institution.

We have special team who take of loan part as them self collect document from your end at your location we also see that your paper are submitted properly for fast disbursement of loan.

We also have special team who look after your documentation part  so that your are always at ease and have peace of mind.

So why not take advantage of our service and get relaxed.

About Property Privilege

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Property Privilege is a personalized property service by Shri Sai Property Consultant for NRIs and Indians, who are interested in buying and selling a property in India. We provide end to end property buying and selling services starting from identifying the right property, providing comprehensive information to assisting in site visits. We also take care of the legal verifications, documentation and all statutory requirements right put to the possession / transfer of the property. We are with you in every step of the buying process and ensure a transparent and hassle free buying experience.

You can sit back and relax while our relationship managers help you with the following :

  • Understand your needs and help you find the right property
  • Unbiased guidance as you shortlist, compare and choose your property
  • Provide complete information of all major projects by renowned builders from across the Thane
  • Arrange for site visits of the shortlisted properties with family or friends if required
  • Provide comprehensive information on the projects and locality
  • Complete check on the credibility of the builder, clear titles, and information about previous ownership
  • Assist in negotiation with the seller and agreeing on a final price
  • Guiding you with applying, allotment and arranging a home loan from reputed banks
  • Regular updates on the project at every stage till the completion of the project
  • Monthly reminders for your EMIs / collection of cheques
  • Assist in verification of all documentation and other statutory requirements

Investor Advice

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There are many reasons that have been responsible for transforming Thane-property into a hottest destination for real estate investors. Thane enjoys proximity to Mumbai and the commercial areas. Also Housing- Companies have come up with excellent housing projects that spell style and have attracted opulent home buyers. Similarly, there are many options like apartments, flats, row houses and duplexes available in Thane. This growing interest in Thane Real Estate and Flats in Thane has given an impetus to various banks and companies offering Home Loans in Thane, to initiate attractive schemes offering housing loans at an affordable rate. In addition, we have Relation with major leading banks that finances loan for your home.

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