Investor Advice

Post date: Aug 13, 2009 1:24:37 AM


Time has come for good investor as you get good price from the builder but not as an individual as builder will never try to give his best rates. We would advice all the buyer take the advantage of services we not advice you but also give range according to your budget and we also see that you get proper rates from builder as we all know when you become part of our team you get better rates and also we try to see that your loan get cleared faster as we have relation with major financial institution.

We have special team who take of loan part as them self collect document from your end at your location we also see that your paper are submitted properly for fast disbursement of loan.

We also have special team who look after your documentation part so that your are always at ease and have peace of mind.

So why not take advantage of our service and get relaxed.